I Know Disney So Why Book With A Disney Agent?


So, you’ve found this post BUT you are asking yourself, “Why would I want to book my Disney trip through someone else?  Why can’t I just do it myself?”

In short, you totally could do it by yourself.  Lot’s of people do and still have a wonderful time! But, what are the advantages to you for booking your trip with a Disney Specialist?  Keep reading and let’s try and answer.

1. Agents have taken several trips between many of the Disney destinations from coast-to-coast.  Their knowledge, tips, and tricks all come from personal experience and training they receive directly from The Walt Disney Travel Company!

2. Most all agents are graduates of the College of Disney Knowledge (our’s are!)  This is an intensive specialized training program, through Disney, on all Disney destinations.

3. They shop for discounts and promotions to SAVE you money!  If you call Disney or visit their website; you are booking a trip for what is available THAT day.  With the high volume of sales Disney does for themselves; they are not in the market to rebook every single trip that will qualify for a discount once one is released.  That’s where booking with an agent is much more beneficial to you!  Once new promotions are released, an agent will go through their list of families to see who DOES qualify for a rate decrease.  They will then rework your vacation package, with Disney, to put money back in YOUR pocket!  It’s totally a win-win.

4. If you’ve been to Disney ever you know that planning is a must!  There is so much to see, do, eat and experience.  It helps eliminate wasted time, and headaches, if you know beforehand the details of your day.  A Disney Specialist will work closely with you to determine those “must do” attractions, experiences, and dinings.  They will then make all advanced reservations FOR YOU!  It eliminates the stress of you having to log in or call Disney, at a certain time, so you don’t miss out on one of those “must dos”.

5. One-on-one personalized service!  If you book with Disney, you are likely to talk to one person when you book, another when you call back to change your ticket option, another when you want to book a dining reservation, another when you have a question about a payment, and so on.  With an agent, you ALWAYS get their superior, one-on-one service.  You will work with them, and me them, from the time you book until the time you travel!  Even if something comes up during your trip they are only a phone call or email away.

So, there you have it!  My top five reason on how a Disney agent can help you plan the most magical Disney getaway ever. 

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