7 Tips For Saving on Disney Souvenirs

There is no sugar coating it – everything costs more when you have to buy it on vacation.  As magical and memorable as a Disney vacation is; they are no exception to this rule.  A stroll through any Disney shop or emporium will yield price tags to make any parent shield their little prince or princesses eyes and run for the hills.

Here I am going to give you my top money saving tips on Disney souvenirs that will keep the little royalty happy but not make mom and dad a pauper.

1. A princess dress is a must for any little girl headed to Disney.  Know that they are going to run you around $70.00 a pop if bought in a Disney Parks store.  I would suggest trying to find one secondhand before you leave (Ebay, consignment shops, Facebook resale groups, etc.)  The Disney Store also has yearly sales that can help you get a princess dress for half the cost.  Don’t forget about Target and other local retailers! They can help you get that coveted dress for less, too.

This dress from Target.com is priced at $34.99
2. Ever been to a night time show or parade?  Then you know some type of souvenir that glows is a must.  Did you know that Dollar Tree sells an array of glow sticks, wands, and MORE?!  I stock up on these before every Disney trip to give my kiddos during the night time entertainment .  THIS site will give you an idea of what they offer before you head to your local store.
3. Dollar Tree, Target’s Dollar Spot, Walmart’s party aisle, and the Disney Store are all great places to save on souvenirs before you leave.  Stock up on these beforehand, for a fraction of the cost, and pull them out when your kids are having souvenir fever in the parks!
4. Got a birthday coming up?  Is Christmas near?  Have family and friends give your little ones Disney Gift Cards for a present.  These can be used at any store inside the Disney Parks.
5. Do you have a Disney Visa Card?  Don’t forget you can save 10% on merchandise $50 or over at the World of Disney Store.
6. Did you know there are (3) Disney Store Outlets in the Orlando area?  Hit these up before you leave or on your arrival day for money saving Disney gear.
7. Don’t forget about the FREE (and fun) souvenir you get from participating in Epcot’s Kidcot around World Showcase.  I wrote about it HERE in my blog, “15 FREE Things to do at Disney World”.
Do you have any souvenir money saving tips to share?  We’d love to hear them in the comments below.

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