Top 10 Tips For Surviving Magic Kingdom


If you’ve ever been to Walt Disney World then you know that the Magic Kingdom is the busiest park out of all 4 on the WDW roster.  It can very easily become overwhelming to navigate the first moments that you walk under the gateway and find yourself standing at the Main Street hub.

I am going to share with you my top 10 tips for surviving the Magic Kingdom!  Many of these can also be used at the other 3 parks – so do a carry over.

10. When you arrive at the park start playing clockwise.  The natural reaction (for most) is to veer right.  You’ll find Tomorrowland to be busier when the park opens…so head to Adventureland!

9. Take a break from the heat and walking.  There are some really good indoor attractions to sit and cool off.  One of my favorites is Carousel of Progress.  It’s inside, it’s dark, it has A/C – it’s a win win!

8. We’ve all had a cranky kid at the end of the night…right?  I know I’m not alone. Crankiness and crowds are NOT a favorable mix.  When you are trying to get out of the park; walk through the shops on Main Street.  They are all connected to one another!

7. Don’t want to walk all the way around the park?  Use the Walt Disney World Railroad. It has pickup and drop offs on Main Street, in Frontierland (near Splash Mountain), and in Fantasyland (near Goofy’s Barnstormer).

6. Book character meals to get signatures – don’t wait in lines to get them!  In and around Magic Kingdom you can meet some amazingly fun characters at Chef Mickey’s, Ohana, 1900 Park Fare, and Crystal Palace.

5. Have a little one?  Use the Rider Swap program so both mom AND dad can ride.  This works almost like a FastPass – but without a return time.

4. Speaking of FastPasses – BOOK THEM AND USE THEM! This is a service included with all Walt Disney World tickets.

3. Make a dining reservation at one of the many restaurants before the park opens.  You’ll be able to get in and take a crowd free picture in front of the castle!

2. Check out the parade near Splash Mountain.  Those big brown doors are where the start of the parade will come from!  You’ll catch it first and can go play while others are up near the castle waiting to catch a glimpse.

1. Watch the fireworks from behind the castle.  I know this sounds the complete opposite of what you’d think, but catching them from around the carousel is spectacular!  There are less crowds and they are literally going off over your head.  An equally beautiful view can be found out front.  As a rule of thumb – I suggest not going in front of the “Walt and Mickey” statue.

Do you have any Magic Kingdom tips I didn’t mention here?  We’d all love to hear them!  Leave a comment and let us know something that has worked for you.

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