7 Tips To Save Bucks On Your Disney Vacation

Hey Y’all! Second Star Wishes Disney Travel Specialist Jenny Turner here. I am excited to share with you my favorite ways to save on your Disney vacation.

Of course, having me as your guide to price options, quote different scenarios, and apply promotions to existing reservations is my FAVORITE way to save you money but there are so many other options and some save you BIG

  • Target – If you have a Red Card, you know you can save 5% on your purchases. What you may not know is that the 5% discount applies to the purchase of Disney gift cards as well! Check your local Target’s policy to ensure they participate. 
  • Custom Payment Plans – For my clients who want to pay periodically for their vacation but don’t want to open a vacation account to do so, I create a custom payment plan through Google Docs so clients can check their remaining balance any time. Need to make a payment? Just shoot me a message!
  • Disney Visa – This is a GREAT way to save and pay for your vacation. On purchases made through the Walt Disney Travel Company (deposit and final payment), you will have 6 months to pay it off with no interest. Also, I have known many who have received a credit on their account for the first purchase (some have saved hundreds!). You will also relieve rewards based on how much you spend to turn into Disney gift cards!
  • Disney Vacation Account – If you need an incentive to save, this is the savings plan for you. Like the Visa card, you will earn rewards to use for your trip and will have saved for your trip over time!
  • Sams/Costco Bundles – Both retailers offer gift cards in a bulk pack of $100 for less than $100. Check your local store for participation and the cost of the bundle. 
  • Kroger – For those driving down (or driving period honestly), stocking up on Disney gift cards during 4x the fuel points is a great way to fill up for cheap! Check your local store for when 4x the points is offered. 
  • Airline Rewards – Airlines like Southwest offer airline points to use on the purchase of your tickets. I have seen people put their trip on the card and pay for their flight!

Did you know?  Once you save on those Disney gift cards they can be used towards any Disney destination vacation – Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line.  If it has Disney in the name; you can use them to pay your reservation balance!

Do you have a favorite way to save on your Disney vacation?  Drop a comment and share it with us!

Ready to start planning your dream vacation? I’d love to help get you started!

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