Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party Review + Info

One question we get asked a lot is if add-on experiences are worth the cost.  Many times – it is events (such as dessert parties) that are the real question on everyone’s mind.  These can come with a steep price tag + your cost of park admission…so it’s always good to know what you’re getting for your buck.

We recently had a chance to experience the newest dessert party experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Star Wars: A Galactic Dessert Party.  Continue below for our full review!  

To start…let’s get some of those burning questions out of the way.  

How much does it cost? $79.00 per adult (age 10 and over) and $45.00 for child (age 3 to 9); tax and gratuity are included.

What about children under (3)? They do not require admission in to the party, but they may eat and drink.

Are there characters there? Yes, and no.  The event takes place in the Launch Bay which is where you can find Star Wars meet n’ greets.  At the time of this blog – currently characters are Kylo Ren, BB-8, and Chewbacca.  During the party, Stormtroopers did come in the roped off area to mingle with party goers.  

What treats are served? An array of cupcakes, cookies, rice krispy bon bons, and more – all perfectly themed to Star Wars.  There was also a station serving freeze dried Nutella truffles, a bread pudding station (with toppings), and a non-dessert station.  Here they had cheeses, olives, tomatoes, fruits, flat breads and hummus, and more.  Best part is that it was all you can eat! 

What beverages are served? There was unlimited juices, water, coffee, and sodas available. There were also unlimited alcoholic beverages, which included four Star Wars themed specialty cocktails!  Again, all included in the party price. The Galactic Punch was our favorite!  

Can I use my dining plan? No, dining plans are not accepted for this event.  

Where does it take place? In a roped off area of the Launch Bay.

How long does it last? Check in was at 6:30 pm and we were escorted out to the viewing area a little before 8:00 pm.  During this time – you can mingle in the party area, explore the Launch Bay, meet characters, and really do whatever you like.  

How do you check in?  You will be notified prior to your arrival what time to check in.  For us it was 6:30 and we went to a marked podium outside of the Launch Bay.  Here, our names were checked off a list and each party goer was given their credentials.


A few other notes to know and consider…

The tables inside the event do not have chairs with them.  You will be standing the entire time.  This did make things a bit tricky with children, but wasn’t unmanageable.  

When it is time to line up to move to the outdoor viewing area keep in mind you are leaving the party space.  Meaning, the goodies and treats end at that time.

Upon exiting the Launch Bay, everyone is given a special commemorative souvenir.  For us, it was a Captain Phasma stein!  We were also given bottles of water to stay hydrated during the show.

The viewing was for the pre Movie Magic show + the Star Wars fireworks show.  I will say that you are right smack in front of the Chinese Theater.  Due to this, you are constantly having to turn your head left/right to get the full view of the projections on the theater.  There were also some fireworks that went off directly behind the theater and since we were so close; we couldn’t see them.  If you are a diehard Star Wars fan wanting to see the show in its entirety with no obstructions; I would suggest viewing further back.  

The viewing area was handicap accessible, but you did have to leave strollers outside of the viewing area.  With children it was nice to be so close that you could sit to watch the show!  


Ok…so is it worth it?  Should I do it?

Figure that a mixed drink at Disney is going to cost you about $8-$9 bucks…and these are unlimited.

A cutesy cupcake is around $6.

Those steins are around $10-$12.  

If you want to have a few drinks + eat some sweets…you’ve already made up for your ticket cost!  Not to mention that you get a stein + a good/less crowded viewing spot.  If you are a Star Wars fanatic; we’d definitely say it’s a must do at least once.  Not looking to drink or fill up on sweets?  Not a huge Star Wars fan?  Don’t really care if you have the best (ish) seat in the house for the show?  Skip it. 


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