Get Ready For An Incredible Summer

So many new and exciting experiences, attractions, and FOOD are coming to two Disney destinations this summer.  We have tried to share them across our Facebook and Instagram (which by the way..if you aren’t following us…why not?!)  We thought it would be super helpful to you all if we combined everything in ONE place.  So…let’s go…and get ready for one INCREDIBLE summer.  

Let’s start with Walt Disney World shall we?

In anticipation of a little movie (you may have heard of it) called the Incredibles 2…Walt Disney World is preparing YOU for the most incredible summer ever.  What are they doing?  So glad you asked.

  • For the first time EVER you will be able to met the chicest superhero costume designer herself – Edna Mode.  I’ll wait and give you a minute to process that one.



Ok, let’s jump back into the news.  

  • A nightly Incredibles hosted dance party is coming to Tomorrowland at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.  
  • Starlord and Gamora are taking over the stage in the America Pavilion at Epcot.  They will be performing classics from Awesome Mix Volume 1 and 2 for 5 shows a night lasting 25 minutes each.  Oh, and did we mention they’ll be accompanied by a 7 piece alien band?
  • Over at Animal Kingdom Park they will opening a brand new Up inspired show in the “old” Flights of Wonder space.  It features Russell, Dug, and an array of LIVE birds (uh um…we hear one has a 10 foot wingspan…if you don’t like birds…skip this one).  The show opens on April 22nd which also happens to be the 20th anniversary of the park’s opening!
  • Also at Animal Kingdom – Daisy and Donald are taking over Dinoland, USA.  They are setting the stage for some ah-mazing meet n’ greets you sure don’t want to miss.  Just to throw out a few names…Scrooge McDuck and Launchpad McDuck…any 90s kids out there who LOVED Ducktales like we did?!  This is also going to come with a nightly dance party that we are totally geeking out over.  
  • Over at Typhoon Lagoon you’ll be able to purchase tickets for a nightly Toy Story inspired glow party hosted by Rex himself.  The event is being themed after the Toy Story short – Partysaurus Rex.
  • Can’t forget Disney Springs!  SO many new shops, restaurants and entertainment have opened up there and are coming very soon.  Our favorites are The Edison, Maria and Enzos, Enzos Hideaway, Pizza Ponte, Wine Bar George, and Terralina.  Disney Style is the new and happenin’ place to head for all of your Insta-worthy gear.  
  • And last but not least (you thought we forgot…huh?)  TOY STORY LAND!!  The long anticipated space at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be opening for guests on June 30th.  With it comes an immersive experience where you shrink to the size of a toy and play in Andy’s backyard.  It features two new attractions, a new quick service spot, and of course…shopping. 


Now, let’s hop coasts and check out the all new summer offerings at Disneyland Resort.  

Over at Disneyland Park they are gearing up for Pixar Fest!  A celebration of the classic Pixar films you know and love.  

  • The award winning parade, Paint the Night, over at Disney’s California Adventure is having some Pixar additions included.  You’ll be able to see friends from the Incredibles, Up, Inside Out, and more.  Guys, if you have not seen this parade – it is NOT one to miss.  Add it to your Disney bucket list and thank us later. 
  • A new nighttime laser, projection, and firework show will be debuting at Disneyland Park.
  • Pixar Play Parade will be hitting the streets of Disneyland Park and bring new friends out to play from films such as Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and A Bug’s Life. 
  • Opening June 23, 2018 Paradise Pier is opening as the newly reimagined Pixar Pier.  Coming will be all new food booths and trucks, merchandise, and attractions.  One we are super excited for is the Incredicoaster (formally California Screaming).  The backstory on this one is that the Parrs (aka The Incredibles) have left their baby, Jack Jack, under the care of Edna Mode.  And yea, we can all guess how that one played out.  The coaster twists, turns, and zips as you race to save baby Jack Jack.  


…and I think we covered it all!  There are SO many reasons to head to either Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World this summer.  Have you been thinking about one or the other?  We’d love to chat with you about the pros/cons of each and find the perfect fit for your family’s summer vacation.  




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