How To Survive Summer At Walt Disney World

If there is one thing you can count on for summer at Walt Disney World – it’s that the sun will be out and in full force!  It’s HOT…it’s HUMID…and you’ll be right in the mix of it during your vacation.  Summer temps in Florida can reach triple digits meaning you have got to have a solid game plan for staying cool in the parks.  

Summer is not our #1 pick for visiting Walt Disney World, but with school and work schedules; it may be all you’ve got.  Go in to it knowing that it WILL be hot.  You are not going to look Insta-worthy by the time you even scan your ticket at the gate.  And, you have got to take breaks during the day.  Summer is not the time to be opening the park and shutting it down while you run, run, run all day long.  

Here’s your game plan folks:

  1. Bring some sort of cooling tool with you.  A fan (HERE and HERE are links to our favorites).  The handheld fan can be carried as you walk around and easily stored in your park bag.  The neck fan has an adjustable length.  It was a life saver to cinch up close to my neck and continually blow on my last trip! 
  2. Another option is Frog Toggs.  These are towels that stay moist and cool.  I have never used them in the park until recently, and they really do work!  All you have to do is keep them moist which is easy to do with a bathroom around every corner.  THIS style is what I took with me on my last visit.  They are small enough that I easily kept two containers of them in my backpack when they weren’t being used.
  3. STAY HYDRATED! I cannot stress this one enough.  Quick service restaurants will give you a free cup of ice water – just ask.  You can even ask for a couple and throw them in your own water bottle.  If you have an insulated bottle – it’ll stayed chilled for even longer.  Most every restaurant is prepared for guests needing water that they already have them sitting on the counter to serve.  Even Starbucks has flavored water out for you to fill your bottles from.
  4. Schedule breaks in your day.  If you have littles it may be a good idea to get to the park early when the sun isn’t at it’s highest.  Then, leave around midday when the scorching temps start.  Go back to the resort for a nap or a swim, and come back at night when the sun is setting.  If this isn’t your style – break your day up where you are outside for an attraction, then inside, out, in…all day.  This gives you chances to continually cool off. 
  5. Don’t forget the sunscreen.  This one sounds like a no-brainer, but trust me.  It happens.  And then you’re stuck paying Mickey sized prices for a necessity.
  6. Wear dri-fit clothing.  These types of fabrics are made to dry quickly.  This can help you not be wet from sweat longer than you have to be.  Sunglasses, a sun glass strap, and hat are also some good accessories to have on hand.  One word of caution…can we get real here?  These are a wee bit hard to get up and down off of sweaty skin :::cough::: bathroom time.  
  7. Baby wipes.  These are great to just wipe your face, under arms, or any where that feels ick.  Speaking of under arms..maybe throw in a travel sized deodorant in your bag.  You never know! 
  8. Get ready for the rain.  It’s summer…in Florida.  IT IS GOING TO RAIN EVERYDAY.  Normally this is just a quick pop up afternoon shower, but you still want to be prepared.  Bring your own ponchos.  We suggest getting a thicker plastic vs. the very thin ones.  This will allow for more protection and will hold up for many days of use.  Also, a good idea is to bring a large plastic bag to store your personal items in during the rain.  My last trip we used THESE to store our items in until the rain passed.  It kept everything dry!  If you have a stroller, be sure to bring a rain cover.   Another good idea is to bring a pair of flip flops in your bag.  That way if it rains – you can quickly throw on water proof shoes. 
  9. THE DISNEY RASH. Yep. It’s a thing.  It’s not really called the Disney rash…it’s actually called vasculitis and sometimes called a golfers rash.  The rash is an irritation of blood vessels in the lower legs. It is caused by excessive walking in hot/humid conditions. Just be aware and don’t freak out if it happens. More HERE on how to treat it and how to spot it.
  10. Visit the water parks + bring bathing suits for the theme parks.  Add on a visit to the (2) Disney water parks to your itinerary.  Or, at least bring bathing suits for the kids to enjoy the water areas inside the theme parks.  At Magic Kingdom a water play area can be found in Fantasyland near the Dumbo attraction.  At Epcot there are splashing foundations near the entrance to World Showcase.  
  11. Extra hair ties.  Ladies, you’ll feel me on this one.  What is worse than your LAST one popping because you’ve got it trying to hold up the ultimate messy bun to get that junk OFF your face/neck? 

Those are my top tips for surviving summer at Walt Disney World!  Do you have any to throw in I may have missed?  Drop us all a comment and let us know…seriously…it’s hot…we’ll take all we can get.  

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