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Andrea went above and beyond in helping me plan our Disney trip. She had her work cut out for her in booking 3 separate families for our trip. She even answered emails when she was out of the country. Andrea is absolutely amazing, and I would recommend her to everyone!

Andrea went above and beyond to make our four boys first trip to Disney World the most amazing time of their little lives. Words cannot describe how thankful I am to having found her. I highly recommend Andrea and will continue to use her as our travel agent for as long as she will allow. Because she made our trip so easy, we started planning next year’s trip before we even left our resort. If you don’t use Andrea to plan all things Disney, you’re seriously missing out. I didn’t stress about one single detail and that’s HUGE for me. I cannot thank her enough for making our trip a magical experience.

Andrea was great help in planning our son’s 5th Birthday Disney Vacation! She had great tips, and helped us get all of the dining and fast passes we wanted! She got us a great upgrade on a room after we had booked! She even helped us change our plans last minute, when we decided to change our park plan while we were there! I told her what I wanted and she changed everything for us!

Andrea was awesome!!! She answered ALL my questions with great knowledge and in a timely manner. Our trip was wonderful because of all her help! If it had been for Andrea we would have been spinning in circles instead of enjoying our trip!

Andrea is awesome! All of the details, the “magic, that she made happen for us made a wonderful trip, over the top amazing! In a short time frame she managed to snag us the impossible to get Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique reservations in Cinderella castle for our 4 princesses. Her room request landed us the primo park view at the Polynesian Resort where we watched the nightly fireworks from our balcony and had a short walk to hop on a boat to the Magic Kingdom (way faster than even the monorail!). She booked the perfect fast passes and character dining. I am thrilled that Andrea was so on top of the timeline and bookings, she made the planning experience super easy and took the pressure off of me. Andrea did a great job choosing new experiences for us as well as continuing our favorite family Disney traditions. We can’t wait to book our next trip with Andrea at Second Star Wishes!